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windows 10 new crt


In the new crt (Windows 10), many functions  are Inline,printf is one of them.
They can't be used without a Library with the inline functions in it.
Here they are.

Question, does this apply only to users of Visual Studio? If I upgrade to Win 10, will my old masm32 assembler code (and 64-bit also) work with the same libraries / include files, or do I have to change to the new crt library you give here?

An inline function is a c++ code put in an include file.
The Library is useful if you have a compiler who couldn't translate the c++ code.
Masm need the Library.
If you change of system,you need no more thing than the Library.
Your old code could work with no more change (new compile is enough) .
 The new code could be execute in an old system (need verify),i have tested the printf function but no other one.


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