Author Topic: Get the latest version of Easy Code 2 here (December 6, 2017)  (Read 2767 times)


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Get the latest version of Easy Code 2 here (December 6, 2017)
« on: October 09, 2015, 05:39:06 AM »
Hi all,

In this topic there will always be the Easy Code 2 last available version (currently

Updated on December 6, 2017

Download the Easy Code 2 application at:  (English version)              (Catalan version) (Spanish version)

Please follow the instructions in the Setup-Portable-Edition.txt file.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixes a bug that made a label begining with a dot (".") to be joined the previous word (i.e. Jmp.Exit).

2. The default window procedure created by Easy Code for GoAsm and Masm 64-bit visual projects did not ended the ECM_AFTERCREATE message.

Added Features:

1. New '' for 64-bit ASMC, FASM, JWASM, MASM and UASM projects.

Deprecated Features:


    Please read and follow the directions within the AsmC.txt, Fasm.txt, Masm.txt and UAsm.txt files located in the 'EasyCode' folder

Enjoy Easy Code!

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