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Get the latest version of Easy Code 2 here (November 22, 2022)


Hi all,

In this topic there will always be the Easy Code 2 last available version (currently

Updated on November 22, 2022

Download the Easy Code 2 application at:  (English version)              (Catalan version) (Spanish version)

Please follow the instructions in the Setup-Portable-Edition.txt file.

Bug Fixes:

No bug detected.

Added Features:

1. A new method, 'GetRegistryValueWow64', allows you to get a 64-bit registry value from a 32-bit application, or a 32-bit registry value from a 64-bit application, when the application is running on 64-bit Windows systems. Please see the 'GetRegistryValueWow64' method in the Easy Code help file.

2. A new option in the Tools menu ('Network Info') allows you to get information about your network connection (IP address, location, latitude, time zone, etc.).

Deprecated Features:


Please read and follow the directions within the AsmC.txt, Fasm.txt, Masm.txt, SolAsm.txt and UAsm.txt files located in the 'EasyCode' folder

Enjoy Easy Code!



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