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Hi All,

It has been awhile since i have posted here , anyway , i came back with my new project "Sphinx C--Builder"

as all of you know that , Sphinx C-- is and always will be my best programming language. So i combined it with c++Builder 2009.

this ammazing mix borns "Sphinx C--Builder" , ofcourse jwasm included with that mix.

of course there is no VCL of C++Builder , just like bc5.5 with delphi compiler.

it is under testing now.

here is a Entry point Example

simple.asm file ,will compiled automatically with jwasm

--- Code: ---.386

GetModuleHandle equ GetModuleHandleA
extrn GetModuleHandle:near


assume es:nothing, ss:nothing, ds:nothing, fs:nothing, gs:nothing

public start
           push  0         
           call  GetModuleHandle     
end start

--- End code ---

Entrypoint.c-- file     

--- Code: ---/*************************************
*        Sphinx C--Builder           * 
*                                    *
*       Entry point Example          *
*                                    *
*          by Emil_halim             *         
*                                    *
*          16 - 10 - 2015            *
//     this demo will show you that
// how to code sturtup code for c--Builder.
#pragma option w32c       //create Windows console EXE.
#pragma option OS         //speed optimization
#jumptomain NONE          //just jump to main function

#CleanFiles of

#includepath "$\winlib" 
#include <windows.h>
// tell c--Builder to use simple.asm
// code as a startup code. 
// later you can call it from main function.
// c--Builder will use that startup code found in
// startUp folder so you do not have to put it's path
#startupcode "simple.asm"

#pragma linker  kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib

// tell c--Builder the declaration of startup procedure
extern long cdecl start();

long hInstance;

    // call the Init code from simple.asm
    // that in startUp folder
    hInstance = start();

   MessageBox(0,"main function is the entry point \n\n for console mode ","Entry point",0);

--- End code ---

I will post beta version sooner.


Hi Emil,
Many years ago, I tried C--. Looks like an interesting alternative for C for doing system programming.

1. Is the compiler still under development?
2. The 'official' link: http://c--sphinx.narod.ru/indexe.htm seems to be dead. Where can I find the compiler now?

Hi anta40,

--- Quote ---1. Is the compiler still under development?

--- End quote ---

No , there is no activity since 2007 , so that i am tring to bring life to it by mixing it with strong c++builder2009.

--- Quote ---2. The 'official' link: http://c--sphinx.narod.ru/indexe.htm seems to be dead. Where can I find the compiler now?

--- End quote ---

try this link http://www.sheker.chat.ru/index_e.htm

my project still under construction, hope i can post a soild thing sooner.

Hi Emil,

The source code for Sphinx C-- has been released. You can find it here:


Maybe you can make a fork and continue development.

The mirror of the original site is still availble. You can find it here:



thank you Georg for that great information , i will check it out.


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