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Debug Macro
« on: October 21, 2015, 10:20:22 PM »

I need for debug my projects a little macro to set breakpoints and here is my result.
It set a Int3 breakpoint and use debug infos for find easier the code  in Olly to debug

_deb "Procedur #1 debugging"

Code: [Select]
_DEBUG equ 1   ; 1 for use Debug macro 0 not use
_deb MACRO pInfo:REQ

local szText
if _DEBUG eq 1
invoke IsDebuggerPresent
.if (eax)
int 3h
        szText db pInfo, 0
invoke OutputDebugString,addr szText

I find it usefull  to debug a code part in a debugger without  scrolling or tracing.

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Re: Debug Macro
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Usefull. Thx
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