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Simple Game using three techniques

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Three versions of a simple game.

I call the game 4x4. The game is a 4x4 grid containing randomly
generated game pieces numbered from 1-15.

Object of the game is to rearrange them in sequence.

The code need to be rewrite
There is many proc who don't preserve esi edi ebx register.

start:      must be followed by an invoke WinMain (add uses esi edi ebx)
The assume directive isn't followed by assume Nothing
There is no tab use to show the If endif .
With no surprise,he don't work for me

Tested the win32 version, and it works like a charm on Win7-64 :t

The painting proc uses non-volatile regs and should preserve them:

    painting proc uses esi edi ebx hWin:dword

This is relevant only for callback functions, but painting gets called by one: WndProc, so the rules say you must preserve them.

Doesn't work for me neither :(.
[...] Nevertheless it seems to be a nice game, thank you for the code.

oops my bad. I posted the prototype version of 4x4 win32

here is the final version...

And it is also commented. :)


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