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I need your advice
« on: January 29, 2016, 01:39:34 AM »
I wanted to make win32 libraries to use with JWAsm.
I downloaded Vortex's tool : dll2inc
I copied into a folder all the dlls found in system32
Then I executed :
dll2inc bootux.dll
dll2inc bridgeres.dll
dll2inc BrokerLib.dll
dll2inc browcli.dll
dll2inc browser.dll
dll2inc browserbroker.dll
dll2inc BrowserSettingSync.dll

followed by
\masm32\bin\polib /OUT:bootux.lib /DEF:bootux.def /MACHINE:ix86
\masm32\bin\polib /OUT:BOOTVID.lib /DEF:BOOTVID.def /MACHINE:ix86
\masm32\bin\polib /OUT:bridgeres.lib /DEF:bridgeres.def /MACHINE:ix86
\masm32\bin\polib /OUT:BrokerLib.lib /DEF:BrokerLib.def /MACHINE:ix86
\masm32\bin\polib /OUT:browcli.lib /DEF:browcli.def /MACHINE:ix86
\masm32\bin\polib /OUT:browser.lib /DEF:browser.def /MACHINE:ix86
\masm32\bin\polib /OUT:browserbroker.lib /DEF:browserbroker.def /MACHINE:ix86
\masm32\bin\polib /OUT:BrowserSettingSync.lib /DEF:BrowserSettingSync.def /MACHINE:ix86

Is it a good idea?

I got :

1944 DEF files
1921 INC files
1910 LIB files

At the beginning I had 3096 DLLs

If it is useful, the files can be downloaded : DEF, INC and LIB

You need 7Zip to decompress them.
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