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What sort of projects have been made in MASM32?

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Hey guys  :biggrin:

I'm interested to know what sort of projects people have made in MASM32.

Has anyone taken on any large scale projects like a game or anything like that?

I've been working on a game on and off for a year, and am intrigued with the thought of taking on the task in MASM for the 1337 factor.

Answer : 1,7,191,1337 :badgrin:

Bingo!  :greenclp:

Wrote a complete GUI- client, server, maintenance back-ends, reporting platform & xml parser, integrated accounting package interfacing (Pastel)
in assembler for an exchange  company/bank reporting to the South African Reserve Bank a couple of years ago - all of it could
fit on less than a stiffy disk - graphics and all. Could navigate (slide-bar) through 4900 records (typical monthly invoicing load)
in less than a second on a crappy PIII, 256MB RAM. People (programmers and system developers/consultants) thought I was crazy...
but shut up quickly when they saw the performance. Was developed over 6 months - which was typical for the same project using
other programming development platforms.

So large projects can and should be done in assembler - I don't care what the critics say, I know it's do-able for any purpose.
(PS: I am skilled in  11 programming languages (mostly all dead languages now) - the only one that sticks around through all the decades is assembler)

<edit - yes I'am an assembler zeolot>

Lately it seems that it is fashionable to make calls to virtual machines, which in turn call the operating system, with the loss of time and effort involved.

I think one of the big "problems" to write assembly code is that it can be fine-tuned almost to exhaustion, leading to significant loss of legibility. But the assembler could and should be as readable as any other.

It is not written in MASM, but I think a good example of a major project in assembler may be the MenuetOS operating system.


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