Author Topic: A Quack theory on Dark Matter  (Read 28716 times)


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Re: A Quack theory on Dark Matter
« Reply #150 on: April 13, 2019, 06:29:58 AM »
I'm skeptical... it looks like space dust and mirrors.

 - Besides our dear working on the algorithm to draw a fuzzy picture, we have a 'nerd' type 850,000 lines of code (out of 900,000 lines) to get this fuzzy picture.
- 850,000 lines  :shock: WTF was he doing. Copy-n-Paste.. He must have known what he was doing.  :bgrin:
- A lot of media shock and awe, not to mention the immediate danger to us being swallowed up whole.  :shock:
- There sounds like there was a lot of in-house fighting on this project - Abandon or not to Abandon.
- A suggestion of a Nobel prize for a fuzzy picture.

Let's have a look at the money - We're they going to abandon the project ?
You put a lot of time and money into this, you must have something to show for it.... even if it is fuzzy
Make a media storm about it, adding a bit of danger. (Nothing sucks like a black hole)
It's starting to sound like another great scam we have experienced.

Real scientists do science for many reasons, least of all media attention.
This thing is far away... there's a lot of gravitational lensing before the waves/particles get to us - this could just be an anomaly.
There's supposed to be a black hole at the centre of our galaxy.... a lot closer, why are we not looking there - to close for comfort maybe - maybe Hubble will prove black holes don't exist, so it's easier to place a 'black hole' so far away, and say it is one.  ;)
We still don't understand gravity (ok we know it sucks), so to claim a 'black hole' is absurd... back to the money and media attention.
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Re: A Quack theory on Dark Matter
« Reply #151 on: June 01, 2019, 05:56:16 PM »

 :joking: :joking: :joking: