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Libraries, includes and macros for ML64.


The author of these files is Vasily Sotnikov. When I can master enough Russian I will ask his permission to post them on this web site so that members can easily get them. From a few days of experimenting with small test pieces these files appear to work well and have a lot of good design work in them. I might add that its a pleasure to be able to use someone else's files for once.  :P


There is more technical data at the parent site if you can translate enough Russian to make sense of it.


Google's google-translate-web-page-translator(GTWPT=http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator) works well on this page.

Chrome has the GTWPT plug-in option, for near effortless browsing of the Russian, with Cut-N-Paste made easier.

Best Regards, Michael, aka P1

Hi Michael,

Good to hear from you.  :t


--- Quote from: hutch-- on August 22, 2016, 05:09:17 AM ---Hi Michael, Good to hear from you.  :t
--- End quote ---
Thursday, I interview for a job using my MASM skills again. 

I have been lurking from time to time.  Brushing up on ML64 methods and techniques.  But I must admit, that 32bit uPs persist in the node population of MS networks, so my projects are all 32bit.  [RANT]AVs are increasingly unfriendly to MASM methodologies traditional and current.  It seems lately, most of the time, an update loads and I lose another exe or two from my libraries(Even Norton).

AKA, AV_bloatware of older code.[/RANT]

Best Regards,  Michael

You have to be well behaved, a manifest and version control block will solve most of the AV scanner problems.


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