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Just started testing Arkdasm, much nicer tool and much clearer to read.

smaller icudt53.dll for arkDasm here
829 kb vs 21 025 kb

Saw reference to Arkdasm in the Masm64 SDK, found out it is a 64 bit disassembler.
But apparently the www dot site is no longer there (redirects to random sites) Probably no longer under development? Tried googling to see if I can obtain a copy to no avail. Does anyone know of an alternate source where this could be found? Otherwise will have to use x64dbg...

I cheated and used Wayback Machine to retrieve it. Seems to have some dependecies. Arghhh!

Solved the 'missing' dlls. Program works okay and does the job. Wish I could change the background color though.  :tongue:

I have a zip file of it but its 18 meg which is too big to post here.


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