Author Topic: Minor change to the STACKFRAME macro.  (Read 1176 times)


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Minor change to the STACKFRAME macro.
« on: September 30, 2016, 09:53:29 AM »
I have done a minor change to the STACKFRAME macro to simplify its use and help keep down the level of clutter when coding an application.

    STACKFRAME MACRO dflt:=<96>,dynm:=<128>
      stackframe_default equ <dflt>     ;; set default stack
      stackframe_dynamic equ <dynm>     ;; set byte count for ENTER mnemonic
      OPTION PROLOGUE:UseStackFrame
      OPTION EPILOGUE:EndStackFrame


The two parameters have a default value so that a simple STACKFRAME call works as before but rather than have to find the equate definitions to alter either value, if you need to change them, you simply add the extra parameters. Importantly the parameters MUST be in intervals of 16 to maintain OS specified alignment.

The NOSTACKFRAME macro is unchanged so if you need to turn the stackframe off you simply place a NOSTACKFRAME macro call before the next code that requires the stack frame not to be used.

The purpose of clutter reduction is so that the style of code that was used in the 32 bit MASM32 SDK can be used with ML64 and remain familiar instead of having to figure out what the differences are.

DlgProc proc hWin:QWORD,uMsg:QWORD,wParam:QWORD,lParam:QWORD

    LOCAL buffer[260]:BYTE
    LOCAL fbuffr[260]:BYTE

  ; Your code

    xor rax, rax

DlgProc endp

Just keep in mind that ML64 does no syntax checking in argument count and data size so you will have to be both correct and accurate with both procedure definitions AND procedure calls.
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