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how to call int86x bytewise pointer


Hello there,

My problem below:
VCCRT2.EXE Is a Microsoft download, among other files it contains 'INT86X.ASM'. After a bit of fiddling, it compiles for me. I know what INT86X is, that's not my question. But, does anyone know how to call that routine. I'd like an answer without applying structs/unions, but so that i can traverse bytewise (mov ... ptr +1 or +2 or more).

The source I'm speaking of is at: www.pcorner.com/list/CPP/VCCRT2.ZIP/INT86X.ASM/

Thanks, I've been trying hard already.

INT86X is a messy hack that allows you to call a RM interrupt from a HLL. Why use it at all when you can code a procedure in assembly that does the interrupt call cleanly, and call the procedure from your HLL code?


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