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Re: Survey
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I consider myself all in one, I believe on many religions but don't too. Sound strange but I can't explain and can at the same time.
Faith and hope move the world, this is why we don't fight with a dog when we see a bone on street.
Why Gods don't teached us to walk on water, turn water on wine, multiply fishes, ... ?.  Well, they teached but we don't have learned, "faith move mountains".
Imagine that we don't know the meaning of religion, this point we are just antennas. So, and if religion have been created to teach us to live in society?

I'm teaching some persons that know only how to speak, they don't know how to read or write. One day I was walking with one of them and pointed to a house and asked: What's that? The person answer: It's a house. Hmm, some steps and I pointed to other house and same question, the same answer. After more than 10 houses, same question and same answer. Can you see the point? All the houses differs one from another, so, dinamic pattern. I ask to myself; how this person cannot recognize static symbols (letters) but can recognize dinamic symbols?

I will try to talk about what I think using more clean words.
I'm catholic by family. What make me differ from believers(Martinho Lutero)? Persons answer that jargon differs, bibles too (old and new testament). But hey, the God is the same. I can't see difference here.
Many miracles that Jesus have done Maome have done too, and if you put this on timeline Maome comes first. Why not join Budha into this? Budha say that have 180 reincarnations. So, why not Jesus and Maome be the same person? So, their soul have survived and here I'm talking about spiritism (Alan Kardec). Well, to some religions Jesus is considered Saint Germain.
Well, all Gods are omnipresence (be in all places in all time). Why I need go to God's house if they are in all places, here? Maybe soul energy refuel, maybe to feel more close to them.
I feel peace in mind.
I'd rather be this ambulant metamorphosis than to have that old opinion about everything


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Re: Survey
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Atheism is also a religion. The void set is also a set!. You need faith to believe in a God or in the no-existence of a God, because you can't demonstrate the one or the other. Usually bigots of any religion tend to impose to anyone, atheism too.

Because we cannot demonstrate the existence of a God or its not existence, maybe the most reasonable posture is the agnosticism.

If you focuses your live in one sense or another, maybe you can lose many things because, hey what if you are wrong? Nevertheless, because there is a possibility of the existence of a live after death, you can lose few if you move a step to the theism and gain a lot.
Atheism        Agnosticism               Theism
                The most logic position
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Re: Survey
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In an infinite universe of universes anything is not only possible but definite.
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Re: Survey
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You need faith to believe in a God or in the no-existence of a God, because you can't demonstrate the one or the other.

Right. Faith means you can't prove it to someone else. Doesn't mean it's nonsense: it might make a lot of sense to you.

Quote from: caballero
... bigots of any religion tend to impose to anyone, atheism too.

Right. They don't get the difference between faith, which you can't prove, and logic, which you can.

C.S. Lewis is a great example of someone who had faith, but behaved logically. If (some sort of) god really does exist, then he can reveal himself to you directly. C.S. Lewis claimed that happened to him, but was smart enough to know he couldn't prove it. So he never expected or demanded that others agree, just explained his views in a civilized fashion.

But how can an atheist justify his faith? "Nothing" can't reveal himself to you. So, unlike religion, there's no conceivable sensible basis for atheism. That, in a nutshell, is why I'm anti-atheist.
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