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EC2000-64... WOW !!!!

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Hey Ramon...

You've done brilliant stuff with EC2000... rivals/even betters other devkits like Msoft..etc
Starting to notice the so many small things that count/make one's life easier

We're indebted to you eternally
Thank you Sire/sir

 :t :t :t

Hi Van,

Thank you very much indeed for your kind words!

Welcome to the club  :biggrin: :lol:

I really really tried the Assembly's big names like Radasm and WinAsm to no avail.

Just can't explain why but something was missing and never felt at home with those -and yes, they are great-.
Until one good day when I stumbled upon Easy Code in a tool's forum and gave it a try... Man, that was love at first sight. Even worst, the poor rookie got plenty of explaining and help from the author himself; not one but several times. To date, all my work is Asm was made on this exquisite editor.  :bgrin:

If there is an Assembly parade someday you will spot me easily: Just look for an Easy Code T-Shirt  :lol: :lol:


Thank you, thank you very much indeed for your kind words about Easy code! I really appreciate them!

 :biggrin: :t

Ok - I just dumped RadASM - because well... frustration/crashes/inconsistent RC control etc. & etc.
AND NOW I'am lovingly embracing EC  :bgrin:
Thanks for the AWESOME product


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