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« on: August 14, 2017, 12:56:56 AM »
I have eventually worked out how to get this Haswell out of "noddy mode". I have been working on the capacity to make very large random pads and while the RPG gadget I did recently is fast enough in single thread operation, it is only using a small part of the processor's grunt so I knocked up a toy to run 10 threads at once using CreateProcess() and I can get it to run on 5 of the 6 cores (10 threads) using 95% of the processor running at the max of 3.3gig.

This makes the in memory part of the operation a lot faster, probably about x4 allowing for thread overhead but I have not yet found a way to make the disk output any faster and I doubt there is one as I have been writing 40 billion bytes with the test. I tested an earlier version on the ramdisk I have set up and its genuinely fast and the ramdisk writes at about 7 gig/sec but the ramdisk is not big enough to much more so I tested it on the Intel SSD which writes at a bit under 1 gig/sec and while it was slower writing 40 billion bytes, performance was reasonable.
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