Author Topic: Exclamation Mark Not Working In Macro Expansions  (Read 6131 times)


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Re: Exclamation Mark Not Working In Macro Expansions
« Reply #15 on: November 10, 2016, 11:50:57 PM »
We will definitely keep it on the radar as the original intention of wasm/jwasm was to be totally masm compatible.
We are trying to stay true to that as long as it's not going to require any fundamental re-write of how the macro engine works, I'm not up for that challenge just yet! :)

What we might do if we find a "quick" solution for some of these more specific cases is then only enable them under the masm compatible code generation command line option, just so we then don't break anything else.

Going forward however I'm working on the principle that what is currently in place is masm compatible, but obviously any future additions are not. So as times rolls on we will become less compatible, depending on what happens with masm. For example if masm suddenly decides to support vectorcall and not the way we have via the VECTORCALL language decorator on proto/proc then we would have an incompatibility there. So as much as I agree we should keep like for like, being 100% masm compatible isn't high on my list of priorities.