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My youngest 'protege' has got his matric results.
B+ (75-80)average in all science subjects, Maths is down (C+) but he wants to redo it  :t (reasons below) and less important subjects like Languages/LO..ect (C-s).
We've got six months to finalise Uni applications for AeroNautical Engineering and by that time he will have redone his Maths.

He had a serious 'unknown' illness for 12 months, spanning grade-10&11, which had him absent for 75% of classes, setting him back so badly that he barely scraped through grade 10&11.
Going into Matric (Grade12) we were faced with a serious, fundamental basics problem in all Science subjects. For the 12 months leading up to June 2016, I 'rewrote' my school years with him and from April to June last year I had to let him go, as he gained speed... The year mark was always going to 'average' but he was improving in leaps and bounds and dedicated himself to the task. Maths was always a worry but he got at least a B/B+ for the final exam.. but his year mark, sadly, pulled him down.

Mannn.. I'm so happy with these two new gentlemen Mom and I are giving to the world.
(and they take no sh...t too  :biggrin: )


Always good to hear a proud father in action.  :t

 :t Thank you..

We're all good to go with 3 sets of applications this weekend - each application with 2 or 3 options selected.
The 2nd/3rd options still allowing him to get back to the 1st option after the 1st year, and transferring nearly all the credits.

All 3 Uni's have not rejected us outright, so we take this as a good chance in getting accepted.
Being a foreign application and with our exchange rate in the gutter, it is going to cost an arm-and-a-leg... but nothing like best education in the world.
The Boy will also learn assembler, courtesy of this olde git  :lol:


Just won a month long fight with bureaucracy  :t

In order to improve his application chances we asked for exam remarks (applications went well), and a rewrite of the two maths papers.
We immediately hit a bureaucrat, or someone of very limited intelligence.
One requirement for a rewrite was a preliminary acceptance letter from a Uni, which of course we did not have.

I explained that there was a 9 month time difference between Southern and Northern hemisphere academic years and Northern hemisphere applications only begin after our southern hemisphere supplementary exams are long gone. This did not make much difference to 'suzi' behind that desk.

Fark this imbecile, I sent my next email to the DA political party's head of education.. they passed the buck  :shock: well I be dammed.
Fark them too, next email to the Provincial(state) head of education... They accepted and passed the buck to a person who did reply promptly so I resent the application (it's now 2 weeks past the application date deadline). No reply.. a week later I sent another email... no reply.

I then promptly blew my top on Sunday, sending the state education department a scathing email.
They replied they have no received my emails, yet they have replied to all of them (except saying yes/no to our application) - Mannnn this lot are stupid.

Anyway one guy.. had the guts to phone me this morning, and said that everything was arranged and in good order.
I courteously thanked him for the prompt reply and helping so quickly (since I blew my lid).  :badgrin:

He did mention that his assistant had not seen my emails... yeah right !
I can tell exactly what happened ...  ;)
Sometimes you have to poke the pig with a hot poker  :lol:

Anyway the kid is studying on track for an A+ for maths (Hopefully  :bgrin:)
Exams start on the 20th Feb



And worse than this, the whole world is run this way.  :P


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