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I joined Masm32 very recently. One of the first things one needs to find out is where to write your asm code. There are many choices available and unless you opt for an IDE the logical choice is qEditor. We all know that. qEditor is solid and stable as a mountain and is light as air. It´s great and straight to the point.

RichMasm looks like a qEditor on Steroids. It´s faaast to build too, but JJ implemented really great features that I can no longer live without.

I think many people don´t give RichMasm a chance because of the love JJ gives to MasmBasic. People may find hard to separate the two things (BTW, MasmBasic is a powerful beast on its on, a plus when using Richmasm, "if" you wish so).

RichMasm is a beast of its own!

I´m still learning the dozens of features Johen has put in there, so I´ll list the very little I know at this point which I find really great.

1. First of all, Richmasm is in current development and JJ is passionate about it. I´m sure he would consider user´s suggestions for new implementations

2. Colour formatting: No asm sintax Highlight as in an IDE. "However", being able to use colour schemes makes life a lot easier and code very easy to read.

    ¹BTW, I don´t use Johen´s default blue BK colour scheme. I rather prefer the darker qEditor/VS style.
    ²RM allows you to change that. However, it´s not very intuitive to do so (although it´s easy). Johen could make this easier (I´ve a suggestion I´m submitting to him on this)
    ³In fact, I believe RM should default to this more "commercial" default scheme. New programmers would feel more at home, before going wild.
3. Error messages: You screw things up and it generates an error message. RichMasm highlights the line in the code where the error occurs (most of the time). It also gives a line number. You just press Ctrl g, type the line number and there you go.

4. the search tab: It´s on the right hand side all the time. Type something in there and RM lists a clickable list of all occurrences of the given item. It´s reaaaaally bloody helpful

5.  F6: as a beginner I need to build my code more often than usual... Instead of dozens of clicks (save it, build it, run it...) just hit F6. A time saver and an ergonomic joy.

6. Multi-line comment, F4: Select a group of lines and boom, f4. Everything is commented

7. Bookmarks: You can bookmark anything you want in RM, and they are available for you on the right side tab. Just click it and RM takes you to where you need to be

8. Ctrl F12: This is a nice feature! Select a session of code and hit Ctrl F12. It creates a windows showing the selected code. Now you just go "downstairs" but you can assess what you selected anytime from that window. Great if you constantly need to check different parts of the code.

9. Resource: It´s a joke...  RM actually does it for you, you just need to click somewhere after "end start" and click the resource option at the "auto code" menu.

10. Debugger: insert int 3 anywhere in your code and build it. It automatically opens and runs OllyDbg

11. MasmBasic: Although I think people should think RichMasm isolated to MB, MasmBasic is there for you to use it "if" you want! It´s a powerful pack full of insane features.

I guess these are enough reasons to make me use RichMasm. There are many more features to mention, and surely more to come since Johen is a mad man (it´s a joke JJ) and wont stop here I hope.

ps1: I´m not affiliated to Johen. I created this thread because I believe more people should be using RichMasm, and because I also to congratulate Johen for his editor.

ps2: The usual foreigner disclaimer: English isn´t my mother language  :dazzled:

Cheers all


--- Quote from: LordAdef on March 08, 2017, 11:00:45 AM ---really great features that I can no longer live without.
--- End quote ---

Me too, I can confirm that :greensml:

Seriously: Thanks a lot, Alex. I feel honoured. Most people who have tried RichMasm gave up very soon because it does not behave like the standard VS-style IDE, but I am glad that you confirm iit's usable for others, too.

Of course, I use RichMasm all the time myself, and am constantly trying to make it easier to use. Any suggestions are welcome, although I cannot promise to implement it all.



All you need to do now is sit on his chest and tickle him until he agrees to a sub-forum specifically for RichMASM so it can be properly promoted and supported. It serves neither purpose to mix emulated BASIC with straight MASM as they are different mentalities. I have long been a fan of BASIC and over 20 years ago I worked in GFA basic as it was smaller and faster than the versions of VC that were around back then.

well, it's been centuries since I last programmed in BASIC...

I am all for a sub Forum dedicated to RichMasm, and actually wondered why there isn't one.

Johen, let's do this!


--- Quote from: hutch-- on March 13, 2017, 07:17:04 AM ---a sub-forum specifically for RichMASM
--- End quote ---

Thanks, Hutch & Alex, but neither RichMasm nor MasmBasic are important enough to open a sub-forum. They both have a dedicated thread now, that's more than enough. As you know, what I can't stand is people who clutter the forum with new threads for every little "my mom says it will rain tomorrow" hiccup.

--- Quote ---I have long been a fan of BASIC and over 20 years ago I worked in GFA basic as it was smaller and faster than the versions of VC that were around back then.
--- End quote ---

That's why we understand each other so well, Steve - MasmBasic is GfaBasic on steroids, see Recall :biggrin:

I appreciate your efforts to keep PowerBasic alive and kickin', by the way. Bob Zale is a hero for me, and I really hope his baby continues to show its teeth to Micros**t's crappy Basic parodies :greensml:


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