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Hi all,

  Just want you to know that , I released the beta version of NewSphinxCmm.

 here is the site , check it out and do not miss it.
 Enjoy the power of NewSphinxCmm.

   The NewSphinxCmm is a mixing of SphinxC-- ,HJWasm , fasm , fasmg ,SmallerC , borland c++ 6.0 and alink  in one package.

So SphinxC-- ,HJWasm , fasm   always compile to Coff object file,  borland c 6.0 always compile to OMF object file  , then linked later by alink linker.

fasmg , SmallerC  always compile to asm code that inserted into SphinxC code.

also SmallerC  compiles to masm code.

see my following Examples to got it well.

Hi All,

Here is the first Example that mix SphinxC and HJWasm.

some roles you have to care of.

1- masm block of code must started with term '^^' and end with the same term.
2- masm bolck will extract from sphinxc then compile and later linked with alink.
3- this process will accomplished by MasmPlgIn , you have not use the cpu directive.
4- MasmPlgIn will specify tha path of include directory.
5- take care of function call convention , it may crash your code.

the next masm code was taken from http://www.masmforum.com/board/index.php?topic=14696.105
it determines the cpu of computer.

--- Code: ---/*************************************
*         New Sphinx Cmm             * 
*                                    *
*           masm test                *
*                                    *
*         by Emil_halim              *         
*                                    *

#pragma option w32c       //create Windows console EXE.
#pragma option OS         //speed optimization

#pragma option dbg
#pragma option lst

#Entry  main
#includelib  win32.lib MSVCRT.lib ole32.lib

// $ will replaced with SphinxC-- main path
#includepath "$\winlib" 
#include <windows.h> 
#include <MSVCRT.H-->

// tells SphinxC about masm ShowCpu function
extern stdcall ShowCpu(dword v);

^^ //start of Masm code
include masm32rt.inc

include m32lib/dwtoa.asm
include m32lib/stdout.asm

;//  masm code taken from the next link
;//  http://www.masmforum.com/board/index.php?topic=14696.105
ShowCpu proc stdcall ; mode:DWORD
COMMENT @ Usage:
  push 0, call ShowCpu ; simple, no printing, just returns SSE level
  push 1, call ShowCpu ; prints the brand string and returns SSE level @
  sub esp, 80     ; create a buffer for the brand string
  mov edi, esp ; point edi to it
  xor ebp, ebp
  lea eax, [ebp+80000002h]
db 0Fh, 0A2h ; cpuid 80000002h-80000004h
mov eax, ebx
mov eax, ecx
mov eax, edx
inc ebp
  .Until ebp>=3
  push 1
  pop eax
  db 0Fh, 0A2h ; cpuid 1
  xor ebx, ebx ; CpuSSE
  xor esi, esi ; add zero plus the carry flag
  bt edx, 25 ; edx bit 25, SSE1
  adc ebx, esi
  bt edx, 26 ; edx bit 26, SSE2
  adc ebx, esi
  bt ecx, esi ; ecx bit 0, SSE3
  adc ebx, esi
  bt ecx, 9 ; ecx bit 9, SSE4
  adc ebx, esi
  dec dword ptr [esp+4+32+80] ; dec mode in stack
  .if Zero?
mov edi, esp ; restore pointer to brand string
.Break .if byte ptr [edi]!=32 ; mode was 1, so show a string but skip leading blanks
inc edi
.Until 0
.if byte ptr [edi]<32
print chr$("pre-P4")
print edi ; CpuBrand
.if ebx
print chr$(32, 40, "SSE") ; info on SSE level, 40=(
print str$(ebx), 41, 13, 10 ; 41=)
  add esp, 80 ; discard brand buffer (after printing!)
  mov [esp+32-4], ebx ; move ebx into eax stack position - returns eax to main for further use
  ret 4
ShowCpu endp

^^ //End of Masm code


   ShowCpu(1); // print brand string and SSE level

--- End code ---

Hi Emil,

The compiler does not work on Windows XP SP3 :

--- Quote ---c--.exe is not a valid win32 application
--- End quote ---

Tested on XP 32-bit and 64-bit, the result is the same.

The old version 0.239 from narod.ru works fine on XP :


--- Quote ---NewSphinxCmm is the opensource code of C-- . ported to MSVC2012
--- End quote ---

VC++ 2012 does not support WinXP.  Any chance to rebuild the project with VC2010 Express?

Hi Vortex,

I am afraid , i have no machine with MSVC2010.

i have an idea , does MSVC2010 linker can link obj file that done by MSVC2012.

also my problem is how to import MSVC2012 project to codeblocks , so i can rebuild it with any another compiler?


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