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Adventures in Winsock 2.2
« on: October 13, 2017, 05:11:13 PM »
Hi all, I thought I'd post in the campus..  :icon_confused:

So I was looking around the Winsock 2.2 specifications and found "Winsock Direct" (WSDP) (circa windows 2003 data center)
a very rare (not much on the net about it) API targeting surprisingly similar technology/terminology
in later research - ex. RDMA, SPI, SMB2.0, SAN, iWarp, RoCE, RNDIS, Infiniband 

Essentially I believe, it boils down to trying to implement zero copy / low latency / asynchronous / kernel bypassing / large block size communications
for peer to peer data transfers. The network card manufacturer could supply a system area network (SAN) service provider interface (SPI)
which could be used to bypass standard winsock TCP/IP network communications. Or encapsulate inside TCP/IP but not incur CPU overhead.
The bypass is hidden from the application layer, therefore no modification to existing applications using winsock is required.

Does anyone know if NIC manufacturers implemented SAN/SPI generically ?
Has anyone played around with Winsock Direct or have experience avoiding it ?

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