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Assembling too long

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Hi guys,

i am using visual studio 2015 with Irvine library, but assembling non simple program (more than 10 lines) takes few minutes. Any ideas on why is this happening?

My crystal ball is currently not working. Maybe you could post your code, and some more info on your configuration?
Btw how much .data do you reserve for your variables?

I have visual studio 2015 and i followed instructions from Irvine's website(downloaded Irvine lib and sample project). This code just opens file and store it's data in InputBuffer variable. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Maybe it would be a good idea putting the code with the '#' option. Probably it will be more easy for others to help you.  :icon14:

There is a problem with ML and large buffers (in this case 256*256*20 bytes) which takes a long time to create the .obj

One other possible problem,

--- Code: ---mov InputBuffer[eax], 0
--- End code ---
If the file is exactly the size of InputBuffer you have a buffer overrun problem.


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