Author Topic: Big data/Fun/Programming Server Rig....  (Read 865 times)


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Big data/Fun/Programming Server Rig....
« on: June 26, 2017, 04:27:01 PM »
Hi all,

So it's time for an upgrade, my personal computer -> i7 950 /24GB DDR3 RAM/ Asus ROG III is getting long in the tooth...

I've decided to go the whole hog and invest in a Dual Xeon baby. To keep costs down my
wife insists I keep my old Coolermaster ATX case, 3TB + of HDD's and mini-powerstation PSU.
I've been out of the hardware game for far too long to really know what I'am talking about so....

Here's what the wishlist boils down to:
1 x Dual Xeon Server Motherboard ATX form factor (with Audio ?)
2 x Xeon CPU's (best price to performance)
16++ GB RAM DDR4 (speed to performance balance)
1 x Graphics card - mid range that will go with above

Anyone have some recommendations ?
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Re: Big data/Fun/Programming Server Rig....
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2017, 05:12:20 PM »
I'll advise Xeon Server Motherboard if you already have best soft from industry leaders - with games, could be problems as server is for work, and imact on perfomance there is HTT threads, so about it possible read searching : Prescott with HTT problems. That's most easy to bypass working on clear Microsoft system, especially if you have best disk from them for you work - such you'll be in the game  :t
Games also could much heating them, and cooling sybsystem could sounding and often counted on stabilised temperature in room, so you could be need work on them under conditioner and in headphones, or you'll fundamentally solve this problem before  :(


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Re: Big data/Fun/Programming Server Rig....
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2017, 02:17:57 AM »
I went in the other direction, my last i7 is an 860 that runs at just under 3 gig and a few months ago I put 16 gig of memory in it so its still a more or less useful machine with a perfect copy of Win 7 64 Ultimate on it. When I built this new one I went for a Haswell E/EP 6 core which is a physically large processor but it has been an excellent performer but I have it matched with a fast Intel PCIex4 SSD and 64 gig of memory.

Have a look at the Haswell or its successor with the LGA 2011-3 socket as they tend to be aimed more at an industrial market and if you get the right board you get all of the extra bits you need. The board I am using is a Gigabyte X99-SLI and it has a share of tricks up its sleeve in terms of data transfer speed and has 8 memory slots which allowed 8 x 8gig pieces of memory.

This much, don't economise on cooling, the secret to high processor and board life is keeping the temperature down. My old i7 has a massive finned heat sink and it always ran cold, this Haswell run a liquid cooler which seems to work OK and its hard to get it to run much over 35c. If I remember rightly ZA can get hot in the summer time so you will need a decent cooler.
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Re: Big data/Fun/Programming Server Rig....
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2017, 02:36:53 AM »
I went in the other direction, my last i7 is an 860
I think I mentioned that before, I have also one i7 860 which now runs windows 2008 R2 with a backup of the internet webserver. Although the webserver works fine most of the time it failed for 2 times miserably beyond any possible recovery and took a few days to reinstall everything. Now, it is just a question of changing DNS and wait for the propagation, usually very fast.


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Re: Big data/Fun/Programming Server Rig....
« Reply #4 on: June 27, 2017, 02:56:23 AM »
Phew, do you have plans to send a rocket to the moon? I'm still with my i5 and 6 gigas ram :biggrin:
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