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fTest() in SmplMath


Hi qWord!!

I'm using:

--- Code: ---.if !fTest(variable, NaN)

--- End code ---
and I think the macro left something in FPU registers, because apparently requiere:
--- Code: ---.endif
Finit      <--------

--- End code ---
The fcmpx macro is still beyond my capacity  :biggrin:

Thanks. HSE

yes, there is a bug.
Remove the line:
FSBE_PROC %FSBE_LOAD_ARG,%fcmpx_factor,0
from the macro fcmpx (intended for internal use only, BTW).
There also a problem when using fTest with the SEE2-backend, but I've currently no time to track that down.


Maybe not that line.

There is no hurry. It's working with Finit.


--- Code: ---0040E735    DD05 CC4F4300   FLD QWORD PTR DS:[NaN]
0040E73B    DD45 EC         FLD QWORD PTR SS:[EBP-14]
0040E73E    DB05 10314300   FILD DWORD PTR DS:[fcmp_lbl3_2]
0040E744    50              PUSH EAX
0040E745    6A 00           PUSH 0
0040E747    FF35 10314300   PUSH DWORD PTR DS:[fcmp_lbl3_2]
0040E74D    E8 AE280200     CALL AnimalM.fpu_zero_test
0040E752    DDD8            FSTP ST
0040E754    DDD8            FSTP ST
0040E756    85C0            TEST EAX, EAX
0040E758    0F9545 DC       SETNE BYTE PTR SS:[EBP-24]
0040E75C    58              POP EAX
0040E75D    807D DC 00      CMP BYTE PTR SS:[EBP-24], 0
0040E761    75 19           JNZ SHORT AnimalM.0040E77C

--- End code ---


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