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Friday afternoon jokes

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 "Did you know about a band named "1023"? they never get any gigs. But when they changed their name to "The Terabytes" they sudenly have thousands of them" .....

Have a nice weekend  :t  :t  :t


It's crazy!

Humorist with tough audience

 8): So, what's the favorite kind of art of cows?

 :icon_eek:: ?

 8): Muuuuuuuuuuuuusic!!!!

 :icon_eek::  :icon_rolleyes:

 8): And what's the favorite food of dragons?

 :icon_eek:: ?

 8): Chilis! That's why they spit fire!

 :icon_eek::  :icon_confused:

 8): :greensml:


In a mental hospital, a mad with a paper cone on his head and one hand on his chest, approaches another mad man and says:
Mad 1: I am the king because God has told me
Mad 2: you lie, coz I told you nothing


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