Author Topic: read txt file , help please  (Read 1541 times)


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Re: read txt file , help please
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thank you so much TWell and aw27 , aw27 i have edit TWell code by adding the memory allocation used by hutch-- it get good result
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Re: read txt file , help please
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My advises;

1) Watch out for the drivers of ignorance on this board. Some pretend to be the master of driving but don't even know the inner workings of a carburettor.
2) Start with smaller engines and slowly progress with more pistons as you gain familiarity.
3) Driving are not for beginners. They are either for the ones who already appreciated whats under the hood and/or for the clueless retards to keep 'driving' for unknown purposes. There are logical reasons why Microsoft dropped the wheel completely in their 64-bit ABI.

This was aw27?