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Layers of personality
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Layers of personality - Beginning the intellectual life - Inspiration - Sensitivity

The 12 layers of personality:

Layer 1: Center of the universe - baby
A baby identifying your body for hours, see, I can control it (finger). Self-recognition. The center of interest is the body itself.

Layer 2: External Objects
In this layer we identify objects external to us, we are no longer the center of the universe. We control external objects in this layer. If something does not do what we want we simply destroy the object.
We impose our strength on the external universe, take possession of external objects for physical satisfaction.

Layer 3: Social Relations
We recognize external objects as not inert and action-generating (human), we learn that we can not submit others to our desires.
We learn the rules of the game, looks, gestures. We learn language as a form of action to get what we want.
Right and wrong is still incomprehensible, we recognize the voice of an authority but we do not understand it. We learn to lie.

Layer 4: Temporal Notion - younger
We have a memory made by the accumulation of experiences. We seek self-satisfaction, happiness, the inner world of feelings is personified, we have notion of the spatial concept.
We desire physical and emotional satisfaction as we are externally protected by our mistakes. Existence of a personal history, value of things that are outlined by time.
Start our dreams, aspirations, dream about the future, what we want to be or have.
The notion of kindness is what we love, which makes us feel good.

Layer 5: Self-confidence - teenager
We seek victory, we dominate our feelings, we repress feelings, we affirm our own personal value.
Feelings begin to integrate into higher elements, we learn to create situations, win or lose.
Those who do not accept defeat are not prepared for social life, will flee forever to the challenges of life, happiness itself depends on others as reciprocity and not self-affirmation.
We recognize pride.

Layer 6: Service Results
We want to get real results, objective results. We sacrifice our self-image in favor of being helpful to others.
What others are interested in can be useless. We realize that others have goals, others do not give us the importance we think we deserve.
We distribute schedules, energies in favor of results. The accounting layer, the credit exceeds the debt. Work, practical life.

Layer 7: Moral Codes
The balance of rights and limited duties, citizenship. We learn the code of loyalty to our general friends, at work, at school, in society.
Merits are maximized, jobs minimized, mutual conspiracy with our friends. The opinion of the group matters, we must rise in life to please our company without generating fear and relying on the complicity of the friends who stayed below.
We learn to deceive, to be resourceful, we find the point of balance. We conquer our social position.
We acknowledge the just of the unjust, we are subjects of our acts, self-examination occurs, we are faced here.
We are not just a citizen, but someone who can judge himself.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
Before this layer we do not speak in our own name but using other people's names, we repeat what we hear.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
Layer 8: Intellectual Personality - Adult Life
The crisis of maturity occurs, we know about intercommunication and negotiation with common pleasure. The dimension of moral consciousness is internalized, right and wrong is discerned.
We review our perplexity, the contradictions become structural components of life, we care for past lives as if they were our own.
We absorb universal human experience, find solutions to personal dramas, and new reasons for living.
We reflect on larger problems without solutions, the purpose of human life. We ask who we are and what we want, we do a self-biography. We do not seek happiness anymore.
We recognize virtues, we want to discover truths, inadequacies, objective morality. Previous layers are absorbed and even noticed, are no longer the focus. New maturity and culture.
Instinct of forgiveness, intelligence in function of the love of truth.

Layer 9: ... to be completed

The figure above shows our journey towards an unusual, mechanical world, the disenchantment and abandonment of the pleasurable life that nature gives us.

And you kept reading what I write, and I did not use magic words, subliminal messages, codes and interrelated symbols between conscious, subconscious and unconscious, not even persuasion.

But he identified with perceptions, the intuitive grasp, the only way to really understand, to acquire knowledge. And not satisfied want to know about other layers.
Recalling that in the Middle Ages, they taught arithmetic to be applied in music, geometry to count stars, used to abuse rhetoric, logic and grammar.
And here I am telling you a song to be listened to, sung, danced or cried.

You listen to it not with ears but with the soul, aiming for a transcendence, the unification of the monologue between me and myself. Tired, lie down and sleep.
The next day, when wakes up, remembers the Latin phrase, Carpe Diem. Around you nothing has changed but you know that something happened, the world remains the same but you are not what you used to be. Welcome to the next layer my brother.
Be in peace, share love.
I'd rather be this ambulant metamorphosis than to have that old opinion about everything