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Here it is a little toy program that i have done. Is probably the last effort in a console program, for now, by me. Now i will work, i think, in a gui program (not text based).
This program is an unreal app. No one real app would be like this one. This was a little effort for learning, practice and more  :biggrin:.
I have not tested it too much and it's not a really usefull program: It won't show, in the console window, what you have written in the file, more than 256 characters (for example).
I'm a little tired  :biggrin:, so i'm not right now able of too many explanations. If you see the code and/or run the app you will understand.
Of course this toy is here subject to all what this section of the forum allows, so you can do what you want with it. (Probably you will do this:  ::))  :lol:
The code and the .exe are in the attached zip file.

Once I figured out the logic, it worked OK, Created the file, wrote to it and allowed you to read it.

 :icon14: Thanks you hutch for trying it.


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