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What do you think?

I do not know all the details but...

Two U.S. naval warships were hit by other commercial ships.

My brother was a sailor on the U.S.S. Nimitz.

He was fairly sharp.

Naval ships have the most advanced radar.

Are there sailors doing a visual watch ?

Some people think the US Navy is not what it was! My career was with the Navy (civilian contractor). Old buddies report discipline is not what it was, the changes have been bad, basic shiphandling skills not being beat in to the kids, as they must be. It's a tough job and no place for wimps, goof-offs, etc. But obviously they're going to say that no matter what! This may be a harbinger of things to come, or just a statistical blip. Wait and see.

There have been 4 incidents this year,and Having been a "Can" Sailor,I can say I wondered about these events. We had a very good Captain on the Destroyer I sailed on. The blame comes down to how in touch the Captain is with the crew. Discipline is a key factor,and if it is allowed to become lax it will hurt the chain of command.
Reading about this,I was surprised by the number,and mainly Destroyers. Among ships ,a destroyer is small,usually a crew of around 100.
You are only about 5 to 10 feet from deck to water. They are built to go "Through" waves" rather than go over.
I hope this is not a trend,I would hate to see any more casualties.

I should mention the watches are usually maned by seaman apprentice,and seaman ratings. some just out of Boot. so training and drills are essential.
Also a well trained deck crew is needed,and a very master "Boats" to lead them.

Having only seen the photos of the big dent at the side of the hull around the waterline it does look suspiciously like someone was not looking where they were going. Its a shame about the crew that got killed but somewhere in the chain of command someone needs their arse kicked big time for allowing this to happen. It seems rediculous that a ship of this size with what should be state of the art radar that they could miss something like this.


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