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How do I convert a masm32 windows application to masm64

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I have a program I wrote a long long time ago in Masm32. I still use it but it does not run well in Windows 10. Mainly fonts and windows do not enlarge and I am getting old and loosing my reading eyesight. I want to re-write it but would not want to start from scratch.

What are the main changes that I would have to do for this update?

I have not programmed in masm for many years now but really need this program to work for me.

Any suggestions appreciated.
Not srre if this is the proper place for this type of question. Sorry if i mis-posted.


Hi John,

Before taking important decisions, you should try, perhaps with help from members here, to fix the problems of your current Masm32 application. 64-bit code has its advantages, but in specialised areas: The speed gain is very limited, often there is no gain at all. You can address more that 2 Gigabytes - that is important for some top range graphics applications, but is it important for you?

Going from 16-bit to 32-bit was a giant jump. Remember that strange 640k limit? Selectors and all that bs? There is no similar gain from going from 32-bit to 64-bit code, and the learning curve is relatively steep.

Therefore I would suggest that you explain a bit more why "fonts and windows do not enlarge". The fix might be very simple indeed. Btw several members here, including me, have similar eyesight problems, so you are in good company.

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JJ is right here, unless you have very good reason to rewrite the application from scratch in 64 bit you are far better to tweak your existing application to solve the problems you have mentioned. If you can give us some idea of what you need to do, it may just be a few simple tweaks to get it to work thew way you want.

Depending on how you created the fonts you have used, its not a big deal to use true type fonts and just change the size so they are easier to read. Tell us a bit more about what you need to do and we may be able to help you.

You guys are right about the time it would take to re-write. I was not thinking clearly although I would like to learn more about 64 but now is not the time. What I need to do is just change a couple of the windows properties. If I was using visual studio C#, C++ or visual Basic I would just click on the properties tab and re set. The area that I need to correct is in a listveiw window. I should just sit down and look up the structure but I will take any advice to get me in the right direction with the minimum time.

The other item I would like to repair is the ability to resize using the touchscreen. I wrote this in the late 1990's and the files and I think I had win 3.1. This worked good on all versions of windows until Win7.

I know this is more windows programming questions then Masm and appreciate the time you have given to respond.

I know I could re-write this in Visual Basic or C++ but again there is a lot to re-do and I do not have the time. I currently am doing residential construction and Home inspections. This program is my Inspection software. I also am a contractor for FEMA and just received a call that put me on stand-by for the possible flooding in Texas.

I appreciate any help.

> This program is my Inspection software

We all understand that you won't show us sensitive code, but we need some beef to put our teeth into.
How big is that application (#lines)? Can you hide away the proprietary stuff and just fill the listview with dummy items?
You can zip up the source and attach it here, limit is 512kBytes.
How did you create the fonts?


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