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So, I've been playing around quite a "bit" <p> with various ideas of late. Found this very nice
explanation on the background and implementations of support vector machines (SVM - supervised machine learning).

It's pretty idiot proof - even for a non-mathematician like myself. The possibilities are truly amazing,
imagine the ability to do near-real time classification (differentiation) of multi-dimensional objects
with high accuracy!

Anyhow - here's the link enjoy the read.  :bgrin:

I've been busy playing (part-time) with AI for the past few years, which is gaining some speed lately.

Gaining knowledge started with the usual books/pdfs and stuff and soon found these ideas 'limiting'.

So I'm now at the idea of what I'd call unrestricted, non-dimensional structures in Masm.
It really just is a bunch of defined Input/Output node numbers and the stuff in between is a mess, with no definite structure that always changes.
I'm more or less ready to program the idea, busy developing the hardware assembly system (tinkering post) and will eventually buy the Stratix10 FPGA to ultimately plonk the masm stuff into VHDL.
That's when the Stratix10 is cheap enough - I can only cry about the prices at the moment.

K_F  that sounds like an interesting project  :icon14:

The wife thinks I'm nutz... but you know women .. they always looking for visible 'proof' and have zero,zip,nudder understanding of algorithms and computational stuff.
But she always live in hope  :t


--- Quote from: K_F on September 01, 2017, 10:53:24 PM ---I've been busy playing (part-time) with AI for the past few years, which is gaining some speed lately.

--- End quote ---

Hello K_F!

You have a lot of experience, could you advise public libraries for experiments with artificial intelligence? I could connect them to my project and sketch something interesting. For example, something like this , but closer related with artificial intelligence  :icon_rolleyes:

Best regards


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