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The following is a program I use to take a quick look at the contents of a file.  It will accept any file of any size that the ReadFile api can read.  It dumps a screen full of binary data to the screen in Hex or Decimal and/or Ascii.  I wrote it because the editor I was previously using had gotten bloated and slow and didn't have some options I wanted.  You can enter any binary string in the search option.  It will accept command line or drag and drop files.  There are still some warts and the ui could use some help but it is perfectly functional otherwise, and I need to move onto to some other project for awhile.   Full source is included.  Enjoy.

Original 9/6/17  121 dnlds
Updated 5/14/18

Works fine, Jim :t

And I don't see every day a 4,000 lines source here ;)

Jimg, i will see this work from you, soon as i can (i have been busy lately). But i already appreciate it. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
 :icon14:  :icon14:  :icon14:

Nice program. When i get time i will see the code.  :icon14:

Very minor update above.  Added FILE_SHARE_WRITE so could dump file opened by another process.


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