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What is 'Juliano de la SMK' ??


Juliano de la SMK:
Hello Everybody,

to avoid being taken for a spam, I will introduce myself (hopefully I put this subject in the right category) !

My name is Julien Thomas, i have 13 years old. i live in Lille (France) and my occupation is a sports (swimming and football), video games (Mario Kart Games).
I went to the assembler because I want to see what a programming language can do as well for its time !

Good Night Everyone !  :biggrin:

Hi Juliano,

Good to hear from you, for your own sake, just remember that there is also life, money and pretty girls out there waiting to be discovered.

Salut Julien,

Bienvenu sur le Forum :icon14:

Hutch a raison, 100%, mais ├ža n'exclut pas que tu puisses t'engager avec assembler. Trouves un bon compromis ;)

From now on, English only - otherwise I'll get beaten up :P

Hi Juliano,

Welcome to the forum.  :t

Juliano de la SMK:
Thank you, for your all messages ! i begin soon my first project.


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