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I want to say than in my first posts i thought that this   :icon_eek: icon was like aware and asking at the same time (very weird, i know  :redface:). I didn't realize after later, than the icon is angry (i didn't saw the eyebrows before). So, my intention when i used it wasn't to be angry with some one. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Maybe i need glasses.  :lol:

Oooo. I always thought it was for shocked or surprised. I've used this for years on other forums...... Oops. Lol

Eek :icon_eek: is many wives' reaction when they see a mouse in the kichten.
Strange if I write kichten correctly the FORUM calls me idiot. Try it I am not imagining things!  :badgrin:

Let me try:
In the k..... = in the  your link does not work IDIOT

it translate that word for "your link does not work IDIOT "

This is a real eek Easter egg :icon_eek: :icon_eek:



It was the only way to defeat Indonesian spam from a number of anonymous posters who were using every trick in the book, spoofed IPs and so on. The one weakness was their links all had the K word so by trashing the K word it broke all of their links and to further discourage them, I translated enough insults in Indonesian to question their sanity, masculinity and intellect and they eventually gave up. This was after years of having to endlessly clean out the crap they kept dumping in the forum.

The only way you ever beat these bastards is to be as devious as they are.

Looks like an incredible artifact to keep them away.  :t
And I will never write that word again.  :icon_eek:


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