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Sphere Flake with raytracing

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I'm just working on this subject. The app run slowly for now, so just the image.

The same with a level of depth more


Just don't fill the place with a large collection of images, they take up a lot of server space over time.

Ok, you may remove them when you want :t

Hello. This is a basic stage, so everything works in the first plane, no extra threads of execution. Thus, if you use some heavy behaviours like "a-antialiasing" or "d-depth of field" it can take a long to complete and the program won't respond until finished. Each key you use activates one behaviour, this key again deactivates it.

Each behaviour activated and every extra level of the sphere flake involve more time consuming. Nevertheless with one light it could be rasonably fast.

I would suggest use the "4" key to reach the fourth level of the sphere flake and hit twice the "L" to turn on three lights (maybe it is best viewed with three lights that with only one), maybe then "r" for reflects.

These are the keys what you can interact with the program:
- a/A. Antialiasing
- d/D. Depth of field
- r/R. Reflection
- l/L. Increase the number of lights (max=3)
- k/K. Decrease the number of lights (min=1)
- 1,2,3,4. The level of iterations for the sphere flake


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