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Hello everyone,

I run MASM32 on a WINE enabled Linux box.  I'd like to run masm64 on a different Linux box, also under WINE.  I use JWasm and JWlink without problems, but I'd like to have access to the 64 lib, includes, and DLL's.  Unfortunately, when I try to run Hutch's Makeall.bat it blows up on me and crashes miserably.  And without explanation.

Is there a binary file for the 64 bit SDK somewhere that I could load on my machine?

Thank you.
Mark Allyn

I would use a VirtualBox and install there the real thing instead of playing with imitations.  :badgrin:

Good morning, aw27,

I have installed virtualbox and will investigate its features further.  Thanks for alerting me to its existence. 

But still, what about my original query:  is there a precompiled/preassembled set of MASM64 SDK binaries?



The only way you will get the Microsoft binaries is to download them from Microsoft with Visual Studio. How you do that from Wine I have no idea but Jose's advice is probably the best you can get, Microsoft do not support Wine on Linux so you need to have the real thing to run them.

The alternative of course is to use JWASM or UASM or nidud's version to write 64 bit code for a Windows format OS version. If it will run on Wine, you could use Pelle's linker and resource compiler to get enough to write the 64 bit code.

Good morning, Hutch,

I have been using JWASM and JWLink successfully under Wine for 64 bit code.  It forces one extra keystroke, but after so much code, who cares?

What is frustrating me is that I can't include your beautiful binaries to do all the lovely things I can do in MASM32.  I tried to run the Makeall.bat file in your MASM64 SDK, again using Wine.  Unfortunately the build failed part way through.  A number of times, leaving no error message behind. 

I had hopes that the VirtualBox suggested by aw27 might be a workaround, but I haven't yet figured out how to run it.

Thanks for moving my original post.  Wasn't sure quite where to put it.

Mark Allyn


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