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Hi, i want to learn other arquitectures from intel (i mean expantion from the base) and i started with the fpu. Maybe is old, but i want to know it. Later i will start to learn other expantions from the base arquitecture. Well i saw that raymond had done a brilliant work with his tutorial and in his site (updated version, revised at 2009 i think) it has the fpu.lib, and the fpu.hlp (.chm i think) files (also with complete source code of the functions) and i saw that those files in the masm32 sdk package already exists, but in an older version. So my question is: It is safe to just replace those ones in the masm32 sdk package with the newer ones from raymond's site, or i should have both, because they are in some kind differents?

Thanks for you responses!

Download the latest versions and overwrite whatever you have. Some of the functions may have some corrections of the older ones and holding on to these older ones is of no value.

Thanks raymond, i will do just that.  :icon14:


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