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Downloading Visual Studio Express to get windows binaries


Hello everyone,

I started this thread since I'm undertaking a revised course of action to run masm 64 bits on a true windows machine. 

I have a 64 bit win 7 box.  What I'm trying to do is download 64 bit windows binaries by getting a copy of Visual Studio Express. 

1.  Is this the best place to get access to the includes, libs, and dll's for windows and for ml.exe and link.exe and other useful  command line tools?  I really don't care about coding c or c++.

2. Supposing VS express is the best package, where can I download it?  I've looked around for two days now without luck.

3. How about Pelles C?


Mark Allyn

This includes everything you need  :biggrin:


You will need to get the Visual Studio version for Win7 64 bit as the Win10 version may be blocked from installing on an earlier OS version. Get the professional version so that you have all of the binaries that you need. As usual from Microsoft, its a massive download but it the best way to get the correct binaries for your Windows version. I think the version you are looking for is VC2013. You will only get it from Microsoft.

LATER : Have a look at this URL.


Hutch, nidud,

Here's how far I've gottten.  I'm now on a 64 bit Win 7 box that's a few years old.  I wound up downloading Hutch's splendid masm64 file and buildx64 contains just about everything I needed, except a compiler.  I got jwasm and have compiled a simple win64 program. So far, so good.  Bear with me please.

The sticking point is the include .inc files. 

Trying to assemble the following line throws a bunch of errors involving "PPROC"
   ]include \buildx64\include64\kernel32.inc[

The includelib statement corresponding assembles and appears to link using polink fine.

Kudos to Hutch for what he's accomplished.  What would be very helpful at this point is a couple of utilities--dumppe, dumpbin especially.

Thanks much,


MASM in 64 bit and the Watcom based binaries (JWASM, UASM and nidud's version) do not use compatible prototypes, neither can use the other's includes. To use the developing 64 bit MASM SDK you really need to have ML64 and this is why I suggested getting a version of Visual Studio that works on your Win7 64 bit box.


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