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MASM 9.0 failure and response file (.rsp) failure

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Somehow my post disappeared, the title reappeared when I logged off and back on again, but the message body and attachment disappeared, try again!

Long time, no see.

I encountered some strange errors while modifying working existing code. I thought it might be because of the size of the program so I decided to convert the program to a library ALA FPULIB in MASM32. That also failed with strange errors.

Please see the attached zip of a text file describing the errors.


.\pkg\Prog.pkg(1050) : error A2108:use of register assumed to ERROR
.\pkg\Prog.pkg(1026) : error A2107:cannot have implicit far jump or call to near label

Looks like a .code or .data is missing.


--- Quote ---I don't even remember where I found this preamble code, I have just been using this forever

--- End quote ---
Probably you should spend 5 minutes thinking about that by now, because it is a huge mess out there.

Thank you JJ.

There is a large amount of code added that MASM has already processed without declaring an error until it gets into existing good code and then starts complaining. I will look into the last thing I think MASM has examined, but without any error messaged it is hard to determine what might be missing,

My real concern is why MASM fails when using a response file to build a library when the library code assembled correctly when assembled as a stand alone program.


Use this macro generously throughout your code, and try to find the line that causes the trouble:
--- Code: ---ShowSection MACRO
Local tmp$
  tmp$ CATSTR <** line >, %@Line, < is in the >, @CurSeg, < section **>
  % echo tmp$
--- End code ---

I am pretty sure that it is a missing section delimiter. Usage is simply ShowSection - no arguments.


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