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Hello everyone,

I searched the forum for this topic but came up empty handed.

I have been trying to include macros64.inc into a small project.  When I do I get error messages from the assembler regarding three symbols:  getattr, varsize, and regsize.  These occur in lines between 802 and 845 .

The include reads as follows:
    include \buildx64\macros64\macros64.inc

Has anyone else encountered this?

Mark Allyn



You did not read the post where you downloaded it from, rename the "buildx64" directory to "masm32" and use the line "    include \masm32\macros64\macros64.inc and it should find the include file.


Thank you. That also answers a number of other questions I didn't ask!  Quite efficient.


Good mornint, Hutch and everyone,

OK.  I renamed the directory as masm32 and ran the following program.

--- Quote ---option casemap:none
include \masm32\include64\win64.inc
include \masm32\macros64\macros64.inc
include \masm32\include64\msvcrt.inc

includelib \masm32\include64\msvcrt.lib

frmt1  BYTE "%s",0
msg1  BYTE "Darn it!  You can't mix c rt with windows",0

main  PROC
sub  rsp, 30h
mov rcx, offset frmt1
mov  rdx, offset msg1
call  vc__cprintf
add  rsp, 30h
main  ENDP
--- End quote ---

...and I get the same errors as mentioned in my original post.  Without the include macros line, the program assemble, links, and runs flawlessly. 

So, other suggestions?

Thanks again for the help.

Mark Allyn

Hutch and all,

Furthermore, if I replace all my include and includelib statements with just a single "include \masm32\include64\masm64rt.inc" , everything works fine! 

As the incomparable Marvin Gaye memorably sang:  "What's goin on..."

Mark Allyn


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