Author Topic: CRYPMSG! (I'm still learning english)...  (Read 58 times)


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CRYPMSG! (I'm still learning english)...
« on: October 12, 2017, 04:02:48 PM »
  Meanwhile in the 32 bit world... :(  :redface:... :lol:  Here i come with another console program (please don't hate me...  :redface:  :(.... :lol:)

  With .exe and complete source attached!  :icon14:

  And now a brief introduction to this simple program:

  With CRYPMSG you can write message that are encrypted by the program automatically and you can later read this messages decrypted (if you wrote the message to yourself) or by other person with a copy of this program (if you gave the message to that person). Note that the program will just write the message to a location of your choice in your disk, you need to use your email client or other media to send your encrypted messages produced by CRYPMSG to other persons.

  Now for real, the program is very simple and the encryption and decryption algorith is extreme simple (like the caesar one). But still can be used in somecases (at least to play or to improve that part!).

  Please give it a try, comment, critize... :greensml:

  Now enjoy CRYPMSG... :greenclp:

  Or not... :(