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Visual Studio 2017 issues

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So I've just upgraded my machine and re-installed the latest VS2017 Pro.

It appears there are  some significant breaking (or possibly broken) changes with regards to LINK.

No matter what I try I get the following error:

warning LNK4209: debugging information corrupt; recompile module; linking object as if no debug info


fatal error LNK1318: Unexpected PDB error; OK (0) ''

So far I have only found this in relation:

Has anyone had any similar issues suggested solutions ?

So I've taken LINK v14 (from VS2015) from my other machine and tried that, it too on this machine is giving the same error!
The only difference I can think is that this machine is Windows 10 Pro, then other is Windows 7 Ultimate.

Hi johnsa,

probably there were some changes in the structures, you can try to create a new project, so you can discard early compilation files ...

I could build using Visual Studio 2017 - Windows XP (v141_xp) toolset/Multi-threaded (/MT)/compile as C, but not using your project file. I just added all source files and headers to a new project. There is a huge quantity of warnings but these sources are not very recent.

Sorry I wasn't very clear, I can build UASM itself in VS2017 no problems. My issue is when assembling projects and running link against the assembled obj files, this is when the errors occur.


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