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dear mikl et al ..
ive tried compiling tutorial16 with ml64 [version 9.00.30729.01] and linker obtained from the microsoft SDK Although this compiles OK it doesnt run It may be due to the associated dlls which are ms..80 and 90. I no longer have the ability to download vast amounts of stuff to obtain a working set. Would somebody be kind enough to email the appropriate dlls etc so that i can compile your examples.
Second question ... i am using linked lists of heaps in a 32 bit program and can accommodate about 12 million records and linked lines of data at which point im pretty much at the 2 gig limit for the program .. is the virtal program space extended for 64 bit as im unclear about this
regards   mike burr

Hi, Mike burr!
I would like to ask you a few questions. You wrote "I have tried compiling tutorial16... Although this compiles OK it doesnt run" This means that the compilation and launch of lessons from 1-st to 15-th have been successful? Or your programing cycle started from the 16-th lessons? Can You show the contents of the bat-file for compiling and linking the asm-text of the program?

thanks for your prompt response Mikl .. i tried the compilation again with tut_22 just in case i had done something odd .. obviously i dont have stub.exe so i compiled without that directive and was getting an align 16 error which i thought odd  "LNK4108    /ALIGN specified without /DRIVER or /VXD; image may not run "   i realised then that the Version of CMD.EXE  that id dumped in with the tut to run it might be an old pre 64 bit version. This canny hunch may have proved to be true even if the reasoning was in error ...but is a salutary warning to ALL SLACK-ALICE's like myself  to be a little more careful ... so .. the compile is using your original .bat file minus the STUB and works fine ...

HOWEVER ...i still get the linker warning when compiling TUT_33 .. i thought i try an /IGNORE:LNK4108  command which didnt do anything [which is not surprising as i dint look to see if this was a properly formatted command ]

any way thanks for all your good work converting the examples ... the ms 80 and 90 dll's seem to work ok but i would be grateful if somebody could send me the 140 versions as i know ill be up to date ...i dont want Visual C and its too large to download as ive got a very limited download capacity on the dongle attached to the computer here .
ALSO   does largeaddressware:YES   mean that you get more the full 64 bit  virtual address space as the reason for wanting to convert to 64 bit is so that i can use this if possible as my programs are currently limited to 2 gig [ i use Heap allocation for the data and working storage ...but run concurrent threads .. which is not for the faint hearted ]   

This is probably also a question for Hutch   etc 
just tried tut_31a and that gives a load of error messages relating to LV_column and LV_item  neither of which are in win64.inc but obviously are in windows.inc ..  what  is in and what isnt ???    what MASM32.COM  really needs is a definitive set of inc libraries etc as this is all a bit haphazard ???
regards mike b

Hi, Mike burr!
I could send to you ml64 and the dll-s, but I need your e-mail address because I don't want litigations Microsoft against masm32.com
If you want to deal with Iczelion tutorials x64 -- It makes sense to start with the first lesson, and not with tut_16-th, tut_22-nd or tut_31_a-st


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