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show hide window present for Mikl
« on: October 07, 2017, 07:11:23 PM »
its not a brilliant present but its fun ... i wrote it when i first taught myself to program assembler about 5 years ago  it has got some interesting bits in which you can see in the fibonnacciasm.htm [ its should come up as the source code in your browser]  one being the show/hide routine for the windows .. these are overlayed  .. ive got a couple of Dell T5500 here which were chucked out of a big firm nearby and although single threaded this stuff runs quite quickly but may not do so on your computer depending on how old it is  The fibbonacci and variants arent much more than fluff as they dont help analyse sequences only generate them for comparison ... but ive included some prime number lists that can be incorporated in a program and referenced using uz0 as a start address .. they were not generated using trial division .. however in the original method of generation there were False candidates [ they now call them Carmichael numbers, Fermat primes ?? etc    ]  I found a book on Number theory and this proved very inspiring ... i used Ruby to generate all the info and although incredibly easy and fast to develop [like any good Basic Interpreter ] but of course it has no GUI  and so i decided to try the Windows API stuff ... Just converting some of the programs into multi threading apps so i can do multi dimensional analyses and combinatorial maths ...
general question ...what do you make with the assembler ?????
regards mike burr
ps i used nmake and a makefile to compile but there should be no problem with a normal compilation  anyway    the makefile is in as txt so remove it and edit for the location of your compiler , linker and resource compiler  ...