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UASM 2.42 Release
« on: October 13, 2017, 08:49:55 PM »
2.42 packages are up on the site. :)

Add support for 128bit records.
Add several new macros to library for handling 128 data types and bit shifts.
Prevent .686 etc cpu modes from resetting extended cpu flags set by .mmx .xmm etc.
Change typedef Ofssize to use 32bit or 64bit based on output format option default if it occurs prior to cpu setting directives. This was causing an invalid fixup type at link time.
Fix 32bit proc bug when no prologue or FPO still using ebp instead of esp to reference parameters.
Add support to BIN output type to allow option win64 to apply the standard windows 64bit ABI and defaults.
Fix uses location when custom prologue used.
Prevent rip/eip relative address generation when using fs or gs registers.
Fix bug with string literals and vararg count > 2.
Fix parser bug that causes instructions with a missing comma to simply disappear.
Add versioninfo to VS solution.
Fix RV macro in macrolib to prevent generation of instructions like lea ecx,10