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Asmc Command-Line Reference
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Asmc Command-Line Reference

Assembles and links one or more assembly-language source files. The command-line options are case sensitive.

ASMC [[options]] filename [[ [[options]] filename]]


         The options listed in the following table.

/[0|1|..|10][p]Set CPU: 0=8086 (default), 1=80186, 2=80286, 3=80386, 4=80486, 5=Pentium,6=PPro,7=P2,8=P3,9=P4,10=x86-64. [p] allows privileged instructions.
/assertGenerate .assert(code). Same as .assert:on.
/autostack[-auto] [[.win64:[NO]AUTO]] Calculate required stack space for arguments.
/binGenerate plain binary file.
/CsPush user registers before stack-frame is created in a proc.
/coffGenerate COFF format object file.
/CpPreserves case of all user identifiers.
/CuMaps all identifiers to upper case (default).
/cuiLink switch used with /pe -- subsystem:console (default).
/CxPreserves case in public and extern symbols.
/Dsymbol[[=value]]Defines a text macro with the given name. If value is missing, it is blank. Multiple tokens separated by spaces must be enclosed in quotation marks.
/enumberSet error limit number.
/elfGenerate 32-bit ELF object file.
/elf64Generate 64-bit ELF object file.
/EPGenerates a preprocessed source listing (sent to STDOUT). See /Sf.
/eqDon't display error messages.
/Fd[file]Write import definition file.
/FifileForce file to be included.
/Fl[[filename]]Generates an assembled code listing. See /Sf.
/FofilenameNames an object file.
/FwfilenameSet errors file name.
/FPiGenerates emulator fix-ups for floating-point arithmetic (mixed language only).
/FPi8780x87 instructions (default).
/fpcDisallow floating-point instructions.
/fpnSet FPU: 0=8087, 2=80287, 3=80387.
/GcSpecifies use of FORTRAN- or Pascal-style function calling and naming conventions. Same as OPTION LANGUAGE:PASCAL.
/GdSpecifies use of C-style function calling and naming conventions. Same as OPTION LANGUAGE:C.
/guiLink switch used with /pe -- subsystem:windows.
/GvSpecifies use of VECTORCALL-style function calling and naming conventions.
/GzSpecifies use of STDCALL-style function calling and naming conventions. Same as OPTION LANGUAGE:STDCALL.
/homeparams[-home] [[.win64:[NO]SAVE]] Forces parameters passed in registers to be written to their locations on the stack upon function entry.
/IpathnameSets path for include file.
/m[t|s|c|m|l|h|f]Set memory model.
/mzGenerate DOS MZ binary file.
/ncnameSet class name of code segment.
/ndnameSet name of data segment.
/nmnameSet name of module.
/ntnameSet name of text segment.
/nologoSuppresses messages for successful assembly.
/omfGenerates object module file format (OMF) type of object module.
/peGenerate PE binary file, 32/64-bit.
/pfPreserve Flags (Epilogue/Invoke).
/qSuppress copyright message.
/rRecurse subdirectories with use of wild args.
/SaTurns on listing of all available information.
/safesehMarks the object as either containing no exception handlers or containing exception handlers that are all declared with SAFESEH.
/SfAdds first-pass listing to listing file.
/SgTurns on listing of assembly-generated code.
/SnTurns off symbol table when producing a listing.
/Sp[n]Set segment alignment.
/stackalign[-stac] [[.win64:[NO]ALIGN]] Align stack variables to 16-byte.
/swcSpecifies use of C-style .SWITCH convention (default).
/swnNo jump-table creation in .SWITCH.
/swpSpecifies use of Pascal-style .SWITCH convention (auto break).
/swrAllows use of register [E]AX or R10/R11 in .SWITCH code.
/swtAllows use of jump-table creation in .SWITCH code (default).
/SxTurns on false conditionals in listing.
/wSame as /W0.
/WlevelSets the warning level, where level = 0, 1, 2, or 3.
/win64Generate 64-bit COFF object.
/ws[CodePage]Store quoted strings as Unicode. See OPTION WSTRING.
/WXReturns an error code if warnings are generated.
/XIgnore INCLUDE environment path.
/XcDisable Asmc extensions.
/zcwNo decoration for C symbols.
/ZdGenerates line-number information in object file.
/ZfMake all symbols public.
/zf[0|1]Set FASTCALL type: MS/OW.
/ZgGenerate code to match Masm.
/Zi[0|1|2|3]Add symbolic debug info.
/zlcNo OMF records of data in code.
/zldNo OMF records of far call.
/zlfSuppress items in COFF: No file entry.
/zlpSuppress items in COFF: No static procs.
/zlsSuppress items in COFF: No section aux entry.
/ZmEnable MASM 5.10 compatibility.
/ZneDisable non Masm extensions.
/Zp[[alignment]]Packs structures on the specified byte boundary.
/ZsPerform syntax check only.
/zt<0|1|2>Set STDCALL decoration.
/Zv8Enable Masm v8+ PROC visibility.
/zzeNo export symbol decoration.
/zzsStore name of start address.


         The name of the file.

Environment Variables

INCLUDESpecifies search path for include files.
ASMCSpecifies default command-line options.
TEMPSpecifies path for temporary files.
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