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Now consistent with my previous assertion, if your taste in Editor's does not fit into the Blonde - Brunette distinction, walk on the wild side, live dangerously, try out a redhead. Its like a kid playing with matches, its risky but fun.  :P
like a hexeditor?
actually there are a completely graphical interface for make shaders for nonprogrammers in older poser its all kind of channels,transparency,bumpmap, etc and you can produce Everything from photorealistic human skin to Clouds,metals like copper and its dropdown menu for mathematical functions combined with you connect several of these channels and math function with lines, with help of drag and drop
also other 3d programs have graphical material editor for shaders, some just shows what it generates without showing math Formulas that generate it
SIMD fan and macro fan
why assembly is fastest is because its switch has no (brakes) breaks
only in 16bit assembly you can get away with "Only words" :P