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Do not make illegal postings in this forum


In the face of very clear forum rules on illegal postings and the persistence of a few people who have continued to change their IP and other identification methods to avoid bans, illegal posting of this type will be removed and the members capacity to post will be removed with it.

The team that run the forum have tried to exercise a reasonable amount of tolerance as we support low level programming for legitimate purposes but this tolerance has been repeatedly abused by a number of new members trying to write malicious code who have insisted on posting questions and code that they know is not allowed in this forum.

I can assure anyone who want to keep posting this stuff that the posting can and will be removed faster than they can post them and the forum software will never run out of room to add aditional bans to members who persist in breaking the rules.

Just an additional note, our members are generally very experienced programmers who have seen many things over time so if they ask you what you are doing with any particular piece of code you are posting, don't try and feed them bullsh*t or shove them off as it looks like a situation we have seen far too many times in here, people trying to obtain information for cracking or writing viruses or trojans.

This forum will only ever allow legal topics and will always remove suspect or illegal code. If it is a commercially sensitive area as is sometimes the case, contact one of the admins to let us know what its about.


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