Author Topic: Any interest in qeditor plugins?  (Read 86 times)


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Any interest in qeditor plugins?
« on: September 01, 2022, 06:45:10 AM »

As the topic title states, I am posting to poll whether or not there is any general interest in qeditor plugins other than the legacy set in the Masm32 SDK, or otherwise "official" qeditor plugins posted in the forum by hutch--.
To be clear, I do not intend to make replacements for the 'official' qeditor plugins, but rather plugins that add extra functionality to qeditor that is not otherwise available.
I can take requests for plugins with a specific purpose (detailed) depending on whether or not it would be feasible.
The plugins that I have created so far (in the past) simply read the selected text into a buffer, do whatever manipulations with that text that the plugin was specifically designed for, then read the 'output' buffer and stream the contents back into the rich edit control overwriting the selected portion of text.
Depending on the (positive) responses, I will make a topic specifically for the plugins that I create.
And a seperate topic for bug reports, user requests, customer service TM, and all other comments or criticisms of the plugins. (I don't want the main thread cluttered with these topics, or any "off topic" content)

I have removed any previous plugin attachments (and dropbox links) from the forum as I intend to rewrite most of them. (64 bit tEditor plugs coming at some point depending on the release of the plugin interface specs for it)
... :biggrin: