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"Graphics & Sound for Game and Art Development"

.....makes it sound as the sub-forum would be intended mainly for graphics and sound.  :icon_confused:

'would make more sense to be all inclusive by just naming it "Game Development", in my opinion. But the overall concept is a good one. But only if hutch-- bytes.

edit to add: one of the first (pinned) postings should be some rules regarding image and sound file size if uploaded to the forum,  as hutch has a valid concern in that regard. 



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- space. to move the ship in a circle... you know, just a starting point

that move ship in circle reminds me of a different arcade game from 80's
each stage you move around in a big circle close to borders of screen, shooting inwards in an invisible 3d tunnel, enemies appear prerendered 3d that reminds of spaceshuttles,moving outward from middle of screen and getting bigger/smaller
after clearing first stage computer takes control of your ship and a pic of Neptunus appear in fullsize onscreen and your ship enters Neptunus
and next stage gets started
its all repeated with Uranus,Saturnus,Jupiter,Mars and Earth,inbetween each has a enemy stage to fight thru,it makes use of a classic music piece
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I have just added a "Games Development" forum that should address what some are after. The only request is don't fill it full of junk.
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You're the best,  hutch! :biggrin:

Now I'll have to really expedite my computer purchase.  :P

(Now if I could only convince hutch I'm zedd151, and to reset password....)